Fortnightly Favourites #2

Happy Wednesday everyone! Another busy fortnight has come and gone and the spring flowers are beginning to bloom which makes me very excited. I am looking forward to warmer days, less layers and not dreading jumping out of bed or out of the shower.

  • The podcast I am listening to at the moment is “Sword and Scale”, exploring true crimes mostly in the US. This podcast is absolutely not for the faint of heart. Some of the cases presented are gruesome and chilling, which I seem to be unusually fascinated by.

  • Whenever I’m looking for meal inspiration, there’s one place that always seems to be my first stop.

  • I read this article from Mindfood this week about ways to tackle the Monday blues, as well as some things to be aware of when you’re in that state. I normally do have a bit of a Sunday night sag so I found this an interesting read.

  • I’ve been trying to make some daily habits stick lately, and wanted to know why it’s so damn hard sometimes. Why does implementing simple (and seemingly tiny) changes seem like such an insurmountable task? I read this post that goes into that a little and also gave me some home truths about how making small changes gradually over time can move mountains.

  •  Wanted something sweet for my 3pm pickup this week so naturally I went with my Cookie Dough Balls:

Wishing everyone a fabulous rest of the week! xx

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