Podcast Review: The Gut Loving Podcast

When I was diagnosed with IBS and prescribed the low FODMAP diet, I began searching for as much information on the low FODMAP diet and the gut as I could find. One issue was knowing where to find information that was delivered from a reputable source, was up to date and evidence based. Working in allied health, I know how difficult this can be.

Having recently discovered the amazing and incredible world of podcasts, I thought it might be a perfect place to find some easily-accessible information.

I stumbled across ‘The Gut Loving Podcast: All About IBS and the Low FODMAP Diet’ in my searches. A little background for you: the podcast is two wonderful women; Laura Tilt, a UK-based dietician, and Huelya Akyuez, who has been living with IBS for many years. Together, they have created this podcast to provide two very unique but relevant perspectives on the gut condition and the low FODMAP diet. On one side, you have the expertise and clinical knowledge of Laura, and on the other, you have the personal journey and road to discovery of Huelya, to which I can distinctly relate.

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While there are only 10 episodes to date, each contains a considerable level of detail and but also explains concepts in an easy to understand way. Even better, Huelya often asks Laura the questions that pop into my head as I’m listening. It’s like we IBS sufferers have a telepathic connection!

Another positive of the podcast is that it addresses not only the diet aspect of the low FODMAP journey, but health as a holistic idea. They touch on the importance of mental wellbeing and how this can impact the gut, particularly for those suffering with IBS. I could not agree with this idea more. They also explore new studies as they are released, and keep their audience up to date on the latest developments with IBS and the low FODMAP diet, so you know the information you are getting is up to date and based on research.

Laura and Huelya continuously remind their listeners of the importance of seeking professional advice if you have or believe you may have IBS or are thinking about exploring the low FODMAP diet. Something very important to remember!

The only downside to the podcast is the occasional difficulties with sound and recording, but when podcasting is so new, this is really to be expected.

Check out this fantastic podcast, available in the Podcasts app, and let me know if you find it helpful too!

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