Fortnightly Favourites #1

I have a couple of fortnightly favourites to share with you this week. These posts are mostly going to be collections of things that have caught my eye, are making me think, or I am generally enjoying.

It’s the second week back of Term 3 here in Australia, so I’m back to spinning as many plates as possible and trying not to let one of them drop to the floor and shatter into a million pieces.

  • My podcast of choice at the moment is The Teacher’s Pet: Hedley Thomas is a brilliant investigative journalist and I am hooked on every episode. If you live in Australia and haven’t heard of this podcast, you’ve definitely been living under a rock. If your international your naivety could be excused, but get on it anyway.

  • New research released on the low FODMAP diet: the author highlights that the low FODMAP diet, while reducing symptoms in IBS sufferers, can result in the restriction of a number of food groups which in turn can cause deficiencies in particular nutrients. It reinforced to me the importance of consulting a nutritionist.

  • The book I’m loving: “JFK: The Smoking Gun” by Colin McLaren. I am a sucker for American history, and am finding the perspectives in this book so interesting.

  • For giggles: this page of food memes on Buzzfeed. Ah, the relatability.

  • For the girls: this article in Harper’s Bazaar Australia explores the stories of some inspiring women who are absolutely dominating in their fields (which also happen to be predominantly represented by men).

Have a fantastic day everyone! xx

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