Fortnightly Favourites #3

Another fortnight has come and gone! Not only are we two more weeks through the year, I am another year older. The big 25 has crept up on me and I feel kind of like a rug I was standing on has been pulled out from under my feet. The generosity of my friends and family also never ceases to amaze me, and I feel very lucky.

  • Because it’s been a busy week, dinners have been hastily put together and dumped on plates. Thankfully though, I haven’t had to compromise on taste or fun with these as a quick and delicious side.

Mum’s Crash Hot Potatoes

  • A cookbook I have been hanging out to buy presented itself to me in the form of one of my lovely birthday gifts this week. A dear friend with a good eye spotted this one on Laura Henshaw’s Instagram page and snapped it up for me before I got the chance! I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes in this gorgeous book by Georgia McDermott.

FODMAP Friendly Cookbook

  • I’ve been eyeing off Coles’ new range of FODMAPPED! products and tried out the Sweet Chilli Basil + Lemongrass Stir Fry simmer sauce this week. I love simmer sauces for Tuesday nights in particular when I finish work quite late and want a quick dinner option when I get home. It was fantastic: full of flavour, a bit of heat and the perfect quantity for two people.

FODMAPPED! Simmer Sauces

  • I saw this short satirical video during the week and all I could do was scream “Yes!” in my head while I was watching it.

Leading Lady Parts

  • Feed your wanderlust (and strong independent woman who don’t need no man vibes) with this article:

Solo Backpacking

That’s about enough from me today! Enjoy the rest of your week everyone, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

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