Fortnightly Favourites #5

It’s the last week of Term 3 here in Australia, which means we have officially welcomed spring and I have celebrated an amazing 6 years with my partner (I still feel weird and grown-up using that word). We had a sensational dinner at Mark + Vinny’s in Darlinghurst, and they have a menu that’s quite flexible and suitable for those with digestive issues. So if you’re in Sydney, check them out!

  • I saw this unbelievably nerdy and all round amazing jigsaw puzzle advertised on Facebook somewhere the other day, and I am already planning who I can give this to as a Christmas or birthday present. If you don’t have friends who are huge Harry Potter nerds… get better friends.

Marauder’s Map Puzzle

  • It’s one of those weeks where I have a lot of things to get crossed off my to do list. But I refuse to let this mean that I won’t be eating my chocolate waffles at least once this week. They’re low FODMAP, healthy and absolutely delicious.

Chocolate Waffles

  • Woolworths Australia brings out a monthly magazine called Fresh, which my mum always picks up for me to give me some recipe inspiration. In this month’s edition there were actually some low FODMAP recipes – check it out!

Woolworths Fresh Magazine

  • I absolutely love photography, and wish I was better at it. National Geographic always has a photography gallery for me to look at to make me even more in awe of this unbelievable skill.

Photographing Amazonian Communities

It’s a short but sweet list this week everyone, have a happy Wednesday wherever you may be! xx

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