Fortnightly Favourites #8

It’s been a hot minute since my last fortnightly favourites post, and what a busy time it has been! It’s officially my favourite month and time of the year (CHRISTMAS!!) so the tree is up, the carols are playing and I am wearing the heck out of my reindeer antler headband.

In even more exciting news (which means it is damn exciting, because not much in my book beats Christmas) my gorgeous sister and her amazing partner got engaged! I was lucky enough to be there to capture the moment with both of our families and they are such a beautiful, strong couple and I am so excited for them.

I’ll stop babbling now and get onto the things I’ve been loving (apart from love itself) over the past few weeks:

  • I knew Georgia McDermott was a cooking wizard when 100% of the recipes I had tried so far had been unbelievable, but the chocolate zucchini espresso muffins in her book are next level. If you need a good Christmas present for a friend (or heck, even yourself!) get your hands on her book immediately.

FODMAP Friendly by George Eats

  • Speaking of books… I’ve just brought out my first eBook in time for Christmas, which is packed full of festive snacks, sides, breakfasts and desserts to help all those digestively-challenged individuals out there have a joyous and less painful Christmas. Did I also mention it’s free? All you gotta do is sign up to my mailing list or head to my shop!

A Low FODMAP Christmas

  • This post would obviously not be complete without some sort of Christmas paraphernalia. I’ve been venturing to a shopping centre fairly close to my house that has four of my absolute favourite homewares stores, which have been having sales lately. I got mine and my partner’s new Christmas stocking from Pottery Barn Kids, and haven’t stopped fawning over them since.

Pottery Barn Kids 

I hope everyone is having an amazing start to December, and may you jingle all the way through the week!

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